1933 to 1934 – Braunschweig

Back in Germany my father was transferred to Braunschweig. There I started with  eight, one year late, in first grade. There was a short period of getting teased until I too could pronounce the “S” just so. Then I had plenty of friends. I seem to have been fun loving and outgoing. Where ever I went to school I had lots of friends. Only at the end in high school in Berlin did I develop a tight two-some relationship with Annemarie. Her husband and sons moved seamlessly into our relationship.

Back to Braunschweig. I really only remember two things.
One: my eager interest in the local history lessons. We first and second graders went equipped with pens and sketch books into the inner city where we learned about and then drew pictures of timbered houses. Until the near complete destruction during the war the inner city was almost completely made up of timbered houses.
We also went to the the remnants of the old city wall.
We thoroughly explored the castle with the big lion statue out front in the city center. It was built in the 12th century. It was the home of Henry the Lion which he was allowed to keep after his break with Barbarossa.
Naturally the citizens of Braunschweig hold “their Henry” in high esteem.

The second thing I remember is our long street with one single car in it.. Short but tall.  An Opel P4

On Sundays father took us out for a drive. Often to the Harz region.  It was not far. And it was beautiful there, and we had distant relatives in Walkenried. One time we were there when our uncle was crowned Champion Marksman. Big celebration. The whole village celebrated the fair. It was a lively event.

Strange that I do not remember my brother at all. He had to be about two years old by then.


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